Commercial Constructions

With over 10 years of experience, RK Constructions has built its reputation on delivering quality building projects across the Bayside suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula.

We pride ourselves on providing expert design and construction advice on not only residential, but also commercial building projects around Melbourne.

At RK Constructions, we provide complete design and construction services for all types of commercial work including:
• Large, medium and small scale commercial construction and commercial renovation projects
• Factory, workshop, warehouse, office, showroom, retail and commercial unit developments
• Purpose-built projects
• Speculative developments for sale or lease

Now more than ever, employees expect comfort and aesthetics not only at home but also when they arrive at their place of work each day. A great office environment instils wellbeing in an employee and is inevitably going to lead to higher productivity. If you’re planning a commercial renovation, or embarking on a completely new office build, you need commercial builders who not only construct great offices, but who understand functionality in an office space. It makes sense to talk to commercial construction specialists that have the experience, talent and qualification to know what they’re doing.

Likewise, if you’re opening a shop, you need commercial construction experts that understand the complexities of building an effective retail space that is pleasing for your customers. At RK Constructions, we understand that shop space must be pleasant, appealing, easy to browse and a good reflection of your brand’s personality all at once. We work closely with you to identify ideal placement of point-of-sale, racking, storage space, as well as conceptualising visual merchandising and your store’s theme.

Building a successful commercial space is as much about the way staff and customers interact with it now, as they will in 10 years’ time. We build sound structures that stand the test of time and hold aesthetic relevance well into the future.

Feel free to contact us to find out how we can work with you to create the ideal office or retail space.

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